The research group Crossmedia researches and analyses service innovations in which digitalisation and new media plays a noticeable role for the end-users. The main focus is on the interplay between organisations trying to develop and deliver better services and offer unique experiences and the end-users who are more and more equipped to empower themselves and becoming a relevant partner in the constitution of the service. In this interplay of the constitution of the service we focus specifically on the configuration of online, offline and onsite aspects.

Current work focuses on three main areas. First the design of experiencescapes in the context of museums, festivals and events with the main research question of how an user experience can be orchestrated in the design of the physical space and the addition of digital layers. Secondly, the future of retail in light of current technological innovations and shifting consumer behaviour. The main research question here is how these future possibilities hold up in current day business contexts, that is in offline and online fashion retail stores. The third main area is researching business-modelling methods in order to accelerate the conceptualisation of new cross media services and make them more future proof.

The research group Crossmedia is part of the CREATE-IT applied research centre at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. It was founded in February 2013 with the appointment of Harry van Vliet as professor. The research group works in multidisciplinairy teams of researchers, lecturers and students, inside and outside of the Amsterdam Universtity of Applied Sciences. CREATE-IT applied research centre

Contact: Bernadette Schrandt (b.schrandt[at]