Exhibition: Night Bright
Museum: Bumble children’s cafe in Los Altos, California.
Developer: Theo Watson

Discover the magic nightlife in an interactive installation created by Theo Watson. In ‘Night Bright’, children use their bodies to light up the nighttime forrest and discover all the creatures that inhabit it. During this nocturnal discovery, children can locate hidden creatures by listening to their sounds, or play a nighttime game of hide and seek. By using a specific light, the curiosity of some creatures makes them appear out the dark, but others are frightened and hide even deeper in the forest. Children can grow nocturnal plants and release fireflies from their flowers, who will help the children in finding more hidden creates in the forest by illuminating the environment.

Although we cannot enjoy Night Bright in the Netherlands (yet?),  Watsons’ earlier installation – Funky Forest, 2009 – looks somewhat similar. If you do want to experience the magic nightlife in Night Bright, you should go to the Bumble children’s cafe in Los Altos, California.

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